Bloomberg Law Reports

I’ve raved about the Bloomberg Law Reports; now you can all see for yourselves just how good they are.  This is from an e-mail I received today from Bloomberg:

Bloomberg Law Reports® can now be found at:
Bloomberg Law Reports are comprehensive legal analyses targeted to the legal and financial communities. Bloomberg Law Reports examine recent legal and regulatory developments covering a wide array of topics including: Antitrust & Trade, Asia Pacific Law, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy, Corporate Law, Director & Officer Liability, Employee Benefits, European Law, Executive Compensation, Health Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privacy & Information, Risk & Compliance, Securities Law, and Sustainable Energy.

To find out more about Bloomberg Law Reports—or if you are interested in contributing an article to Bloomberg Law Reports—please contact one of the legal analysts listed at the bottom of the relevant report.

To view enhanced versions of Bloomberg Law Reports, including hyperlinks to cited materials, please access the reports on the Bloomberg Professional® service (BBLR <GO>). For more information on BLOOMBERG LAWSM (BLAW) and the Bloomberg Professional service, please contact us:

In the U.S.

And here is a list of their titles — so far to date, as they continue to add new ones — along with frequency of publication noted:

Antitrust & Trade -Monthly
Asia Pacific Law – Quarterly
Banking & Finance – Weekly
Bankruptcy – Weekly
Corporate Law – Weekly
Director & Officer Liability – Monthly
Employee Benefits – Bi-weekly
European Law – Monthly
Executive Compensation – Monthly
Health Law – Monthly
Immigration Law – Monthly
Insurance Law – Weekly
Intellectual Property – Weekly
Labor & Employment – Weekly
Litigation – Weekly
Mergers & Acquisitions – Monthly
Privacy & Information – Monthly
Risk & Compliance – Monthly
Securities Law – Weekly
Sustainable Energy – Monthly

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