Fastcase news

First, there’s this interview on Fox Business:  “Legal Research – Ed Walters, Fastcase CEO and Phillip Rosenthal, Fastcase president, discuss the business of legal research and competing against Lexis Nexis.”

Hat tip to Christine Hall’s post to law-lib “Fastcase on Fox Business – Competitor to Wexis in legal research”

And then over on the Open Case Law Google group, Ed Walters posted a discussion “Opening the rest of the caselaw library – IGOTF and beyond Options” which begins:

Earlier this year we at Fastcase were gratified to work with to open the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court libraries to the public domain.  Many have argued that this is a slightly unusual profile for a for-profit publisher, which I hope illustrates that ours is a different kind of company.

Today I’m pleased to announce two new initiatives that open a much, much larger collection of cases online, the FastCite API and the Fastcase Querystring API, which allow any publisher to plug in to the Fastcase legal research library, with cases from all 50 states going back at least as far as 1950, as well as federal district and federal bankruptcy cases going back to 1 F.Supp. 1 and 1 B.R. 1.

Note that these APIs are open, but not free — although there is no charge for searching and viewing results, we will make individual cases available to the users of any site for $4.99.  We share 10% of the revenues with the referring site, which is one way to support many of the cool, innovative projects pursued by the members of this group.  Our service remains a subscription service — it’s hugely expensive to source and update this data — but we’re excited to work as partners with the many new legal research services that are shaking up this industry.

. . .


Details on the APIs over at Open Case Law.

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