Legal Research and Judicial Corruption

This eye-catching headline comes from the Manila Times.  The article by Emmanuel Q. Fernando opens:

“Observing the judicial investigation by the retired justices of the Supreme Court of the Court of Appeals [Philippines] justices allegedly involved in anomalies concerning the Meralco-GSIS case a few days ago reminded me of the need for judicial reform and the envisioned modest contribution of the Chief Justice Enrique M. Fernando Foundation towards that end. . . .”

“The Foundation thus embarks on the project called EXCELLENCE IN MAGISTRACY AND FIDELITY TO LAW RESEARCH PROJECT, which aims to improve the standards of the Philippine legal profession by providing judges and lawyers a research online publication similar to that of LEXISNEXIS or WESTLAW. This would greatly facilitate the research required to arrive at a sound or correct decision in a given case. A close collaboration and partnership between the Foundation, the Philippine Judicial Academy, the Supreme Court Library, the U.P. College of Law and the U.P. Law Center have already been set up.”

And, the solution to judicial corruption?

“The solution of judicial corruption is not easily accomplished. There must be greater vigilance by the authorities, such as the Office of the Court Administrator, and also by members of the Bar. It is the main contention of this article that an essential component in the solution lies in the improvement of legal research materials.”

1 thought on “Legal Research and Judicial Corruption

  1. Although I agree with this article I must ask what method would be incorporated when the greater authorities and/or court administrators or the bar refuses to prosecute? Additionally, what’s to be done when there is actual involvement of judicial corruption by the very authorities?
    A perfect example of state sponsored corruption would be this

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