Free, Free, Free, Codes, Codes, Codes…..

The good folks at have just given us a nice ‘back to school’ present: a ton of free administrative codes.  And, you all know how much we love FREE things at LRP.   [Thank you Carl Malamud!] 

On the site, you will find both state and city level administrative code materials from across the country.  The vast majority appear to be safety, building and energy codes; however, the full California Code of Regulations appears on this site.  All are in easy-to-read PDF format, too.

As for myself, the Las Vegas Pool and Spa Code caught my attention….

3 thoughts on “Free, Free, Free, Codes, Codes, Codes…..

  1. Carl Malamud,

    Are you familiar with this case?

    Veeck summary
    In the Spring of 2003, the Supreme Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal of the Fifth Circuit court June 7, 2002 decision in Veeck vs. SBCCI No. 99-40632 that when a copyrighted standard or code is referenced into law (particularly if it thereby becomes “the law”), the developer cannot enforce its copyright against a free distribution of the standard.

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