Getting Documents from NARA about NARA – UPDATE

About one month ago, I posted an item about the difficulty of getting documents about NARA from NARA — the entry was based on an article written by Anthony Clark (Why Is It So Hard to Get Documents from the National Archives About the National Archives?, History News Network, July 21, 2008).

Here is an update to this very interesting story.  On the Archivists’ Forum, there is a recent entry from Anthony Clark detailing the latest ups and (mostly) downs of this saga.

Clark writes:

“Some readers may know that I have had great difficulty accessing NARA’s own records for my research into presidential libraries and NL, or NARA’s Office of Presidential Libraries (see for more information). What you might not know is that in July NARA offered me a deal” – if I dropped all of my pending FOIA requests for NL’s records, they would commit to systematically process all of NL’s records – some 230 boxes – at a rate of nine boxes per month, until all boxes have been processed and made available.  Just a few weeks later, not only did NARA “take back” part of that offer (while claiming it was never made), they have now reneged on it completely. I was so shocked by what NARA did today that I felt I had to make the list aware of what they had done.  [Full details available on the Forum page.]”

As I hear more about this NARA-tive, I’ll be sure to pass it along.

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About Erika Wayne

Erika V. Wayne is deputy library director and lecturer in law at Stanford Law School. Along with George Wilson, Kate Wilko and Paul Lomio, Erika Wayne has co-taught Advanced Legal Research for 3 years. Erika's interest in Open Access dates back to the 1996 when she helped in the development of the Securities Class Action Clearinghouse -- the first court designated internet site for public posting of securities litigation filings. And, she hates to pay for *anything* that should be free. She has a law degree from Penn and a library degree from Illinois.

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