Online Italian language legal dictionaries

Edizione Giuridiche Simone has made available a collection of Italian language dictionaries free of charge. The Law Dictionary (Dizionario giuridico) includes annotations  to legislation. Other dictionaries  inclide canonical law, political philosophy and the Historical Dictionary of Italian and European Law (Dizionario storico del dritto italiano ed europeo).  These dictionaries are searchbale free of charge, but all content is in Italian. Grazie mille ai nostri amici dell’ EGS.

Edizione Giuridiche Simone online dictionaries

6 thoughts on “Online Italian language legal dictionaries

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  2. Hello Sergio!

    I actually use The Sanders Italian Commercial Law Dictionary. It is the first and only freely accessible Italian online legal dictionary. The creater is John Sanders who is a 2L at Wake Forest Law. Sanders from Blackstock, South Carolina and he worked with the lawyers at IURA PLUS in Milan, Italy last summer who helped edit the dictionary. The web page designer is from Flopeye, South Carolina.

    Just wanted to make you aware of this awesome resource.

    Thank you,

  3. Hey,

    I wanted to let you know about as well. You never know when an English-Italian (not just Italian-Italian) dictionary will come in handy! I actually had a summer assignment that involved looking at an Italian business dispute. Some of the translated documents I was provided made no sense, because they had been translated by non-lawyers. I parsed through the “terms of art” that the translators had missed, looked them up on the website, and they were much clearer in John’s translations.

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