African Studies Abstracts Online

The University of Leiden’s African Studies Centre Library posts its African Studies Abstracts Online for free.  The entries are arranged by country, author, subject, and periodical title. Law is one of the subjects listed.  Many of the  journal citations will be useful for those studying human rights, development issues, and environmental law. The African Studies Abstracts Online is published four times a year.

From the African Studies Abstracts Online description and coverage notes:

African Studies Abstracts Online provides an overview of articles from periodicals and edited works on sub-Saharan Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities available in the African Studies Centre library.


African Studies Abstracts Online covers edited works (up to 50 in each issue) and a wide range of journals in the field of African studies. Some 240 journals are systematically scanned. Just over half of these are English-language journals, just under a quarter are French, and most of the rest are German. A few Afrikaans, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese-language journals are also covered. Some 40 percent of all the journals are published in Africa. Newspapers and weeklies, popular magazines and current affairs bulletins, statistical digests, directories, annual reports and newsletters are, with rare exceptions, not scanned.


Articles from journals published in Africa and from leading Africanist journals published outside the continent are provided with abstracts. Articles from other journals, including journals on North Africa, are catalogued and indexed without abstracts. All articles are included in the African Studies Centre Library OPAC at

African Studies Abstracts Online

The Library also provides full-text access to the following great resources:

 Working Papers collection                                                               

List of free Africa related e-journals

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