Cooler Cool-er?

An item with the headline “Electronic Books” on page 8 of today’s Financial Times points to an entry in the Financial Times’s Techblog by Chris Nuttall, “Cool-er e-reader takes on the Kindle.”

The item reports on an e-reader called the Cool-er that “is the brainchild of Neil Jones.”

According to the piece:

The result is the Cool-er and, an online store for the US with 260,000 paid-for titles at launch from all the major publishers, compared to around 250,000 on Amazon. Around 60,000 titles will be available in the UK and Europe initially.

Coolerbooks will sell titles in the open EPub standard, compared to Amazon’s proprietary .azw format,

There are . . .  eight different languages available for the device, giving the Cool-er more international appeal.

. . .

The Cool-er is also similar to the $280 BeBook, the $350 Cybook and iRex’s Iliad Book Edition, all of whom use the Mobipocket Reader software.

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