Oxfam Briefing Paper on Climate Change

On July 6, 2009, Oxfam released its report on the effects of climate change on communities around the world. It includes discussions of diseases, agricultural production, and flooding.

Oxfam Briefing Paper.  Suffering the Science: Climate Change, People and Poverty


From the reports introduction:

Climate change is a reality and its effects are apparent right now. The scientific predictions are shifting continually – they almost always look bleaker. But Oxfam’s experience in nearly 100 countries is definitive: hundreds of millions of people are already suffering damage from a rapidly changing climate, which is frustrating their efforts to escape poverty. This paper is the story of the ‘affected’.

To tell this story we have brought together the voices of two communities – scientists who study the impact of climate change, and the people who are suffering harm now. In March 2009, 2,500 leading scientists gathered in Copenhagen to present updated research across the entire spectrum of climate change. This paper is based on their work, and as much as possible upon the latest science, set alongside the first-hand stories that emerge from Oxfam’s work with poor people.

1 thought on “Oxfam Briefing Paper on Climate Change

  1. when i moved arround my community i saw the state of crops around to be very poor, due to late rains. this affected the crops. i noticed this to be the effect of climate change.
    i have set up a small of group called feed the nations with a goal of raising this issue of climate change and agriculture in my community. please assist us with more materials to explain climate change to others.

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