Attorneys ignoring privacy rules

I was flipping through legal newspapers to gather some to show to our advanced legal research class, when I came upon a truly alarming letter to the editor in the San Francisco Daily Journal by Judge Terence L. Bruiniers.  In his letter, “Protecting Personal Data From Online Access,” Judge Bruiniers writes:

. . .

As a trial judge I was shocked to see how often attorneys would routinely and cavalierly attach documents as exhibits to their pleadings containing not only social security numbers and financial account numbers but credit card numbers and the like — and not just of opposing parties, but frequently of their own clients.  Family law practitioners seemed to be among the worse offenders, attaching documents like tax returns to their public pleadings.

. . .

Terence L. Bruiniers

Associate Justice

1st District Court of Appeal

San Francisco Daily Journal, Tuesday, September 28, 2010, p. 7

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