Recent United Nations Human Rights Council Report: the “Right to Food”

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at the United Nations (UN) has recently (on January 24, 2014) released:

Report of the Special Rapporteur — Olivier De Schutter — on the right to food,
Final report: The transformative potential of the right to food
U.N. Doc. No. A/HRC/25/57

Please see also:

The Right to Food

4 “Key elements of the right to adequate food”:

– Availability: Food should be available from natural resources either through the production of food, by cultivating land or animal husbandry, or through other ways of obtaining food, such as fishing, hunting or gathering. On the other hand, it means that food should be available for sale in markets and shops.

– Accessibility: Economic and physical access to food to be guaranteed. Economic accessibility means that food must be affordable. Individuals should be able to afford food for an adequate diet without compromising on any other basic needs, such as school fees, medicines or rent. Physical accessibility means that food should be accessible to all, including to the physically vulnerable, such as children, the sick, persons with disabilities or the elderly. Access to food must also be guaranteed to people in remote areas and to victims of armed conflicts or natural disasters, as well as to prisoners.

– Adequacy: Food must satisfy dietary needs, taking into account the individual’s age, living conditions, health, occupation, sex, etc. Food should be safe for human consumption and free from adverse substances. Adequate food should also be culturally acceptable.

– Sustainability: Food should be accessible for both present and future generations.

An accompanying Web portal is here.

And for some coverage finding the report to be “radical” and working toward “an end to corporate domination”, please see here.

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