Brazilian Legal Portal: Memes Jurídico

Memes Jurídico: O Portal do Avogado

Memes Juridico is a Brazilian legal portal with links to legislation, case law, including  súmulas,  and legal news arranged by topic. Creating an account allows one to access additional materials, most of which are related to Brazilian bar examination materials.

All Website information is in Portuguese.

Data on Chinese Legal System and Law Schools

Steve Roses and Chang Wang of  Thomson Reuters recently offered a Webinar on the Chinese Legal System and their WestlawChina database. As part of their presentation, they reported the following information about China:

1986 = 989,409 civil cases

2007 = 5,333,546 civil cases


40,000 laws and regulations issued since 1978.


Over 800 international arbitral awards each year.


143,000 attorneys in 2008 (up from 40,000 in 1993)


Lawyers per population

China  1:8.500

U.S. 1:300


Over 630 law schools and law departments with 244,121 law students.


12% pass rate for the Chinese bar exam.


Unfortunately, they did not provide sources for the information, but it does paint an interesting picture of the legal system and legal education in China. Many thanks to Steve and Chang for sharing their expertise and data.



Cal bar’s 5.4 trembler & 5 minutes more dispute

As noted earlier in this blog, Southern California experienced a 5.4 earthquake on the first day of the state’s bar exam.  Be sure to read the comment to our post sent in from a test-taker in the Anaheim Convention Center; the writer relates a conversation she had with a state bar representative regarding the granting of extra time to some test-takers. 

The story is back in the news:

Complaints surface over bar exam disrupted by earthquake
Test-takers say they weren’t given 5-minute extension promised by proctors.

Amanda Bronstad / Staff reporter
The National Law Journal, August 7, 2008

Complaints are beginning to roll in about last week’s earthquake disrupting the first day of the California bar exam after hundreds of test takers in a room close to the epicenter were promised an extra five minutes. Several people sitting for the exam in the Ontario Convention Center say they were not given the time extension promised by proctors.

The story quotes one test-taker thusly:

“If we lost anywhere from two to five minutes, that’s potentially five to 10 points you could get on the test,” he added. “If I were a person who did not pass, and it was by five points, and I was in a room that got a five-minute disruption from the earthquake, I would definitely protest it. I would definitely make it an issue.”

Bar People – Getting a shake and a bump?

Yesterday’s earthquake in Los Angeles happened on the first day of the state bar exam.  According to a National Law Journal story, “Earthquake doesn’t faze law firms, or first day of bar exam,” by Amanda Bronstad:

. . .

“Any interruption weighs heavily upon the takers,” [ Robert Hawley, deputy executive director of the State Bar of California] said. As a result, the State Bar is gathering data on the disruption that, along with reports from experts in psychometrics, will be presented to the committee of bar examiners in order to measure the earthquake’s possible impact on test scores.

. . .