International Association for Law, Ethics, and Science

International Association for Law, Ethics, and Science is a Paris based organization. The web site offers book reviews, Power Point presentations, links, and articles in French, English and Spanish.

International Association for Law, Ethics, and Science

For additional information onFrench and international aspects of bioethics consult the following article (in French):


Christian Byk

La Semaine Juridique Edition Générale NO.11. March 15, 2010. pp.557-563.

Measure DHS – demographic and health surveys

Measure DHS offers demographic and health indicators by country. Some statistics are freely available, while registration is required to access some of the other data sets. Many of the datasets provide not only national figures, but also regional or state data.  Measure DHS is a useful supplement to the World Health Organization, UNICEF and World Bank statistics Web sites.

The two principle free databases are STATcompiler and  the HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Databases.

Measure DHS

The MEASURE DHS project ( helps implement survey research, dissemination of data and capacity building in the areas of health and population. MEASURE DHS provides technical assistance for the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), the Service Provision Assessment Survey (SPA) and the AIDS Indicator Survey (AIS).

MEASURE DHS is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and is implemented byORC Macro.

Now APA will NOT charge for open access

As an update to an earlier post, the Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog reports: “About-Face: Psychological Association Will Not Charge for Open Access.”  More on the story over at Peter Suber’s Open Access News.

“Controversial open access plan stalled”

From, “Forced charges for open access?”

. . . the APA [American Psychological Association] announced this week that it will charge authors’ institutions a $2500 fee for accepted manuscripts to be deposited in PubMed Central 12 months after publication.

. . .

This is basically as bad as it gets when it comes to publishers’ open access policy, Peter Suber, open access advocate, wrote on his blog yesterday. He told The Chronicle of Higher Education that the fee is a waste of money and submission to PubMed Central can easily be done by a machine.

. . .