Law, Journalism Students Team Up to Cover Trial

Law, Journalism Students Team Up to Cover Trial” according to a new posting on LegalBlogWatch:

“Law, meet journalism. Journalism, meet law. The Grace Case Project is an innovative joint undertaking of the schools of law and journalism at the University of Montana. Students from both schools have teamed up to blog and tweet the federal criminal prosecution of W.R. Grace & Companyand five of its executives and managers in U.S. District Court in Missoula.”

The most exciting part about this collaboration: the students will regularly tweet about the trial under the name UMGraceCase.  

And, the question that we all want to know: how to cite to these tweets according to the Bluebook? 

[First tweeted on LegalBlogWatch and Bob Ambrogi]

Twitter boosts public access to federal courtrooms

In an AP story today by Roxana Hegeman, “Twitter Boosts Public Access to Federal Courtrooms.”

The lead paragraph reads:

“In a victory for news technology in federal courts, a judge is allowing a reporter to use the microblogging service Twitter to provide constant updates from a racketeering gang trial this week.”

Thanks to Bob Ambrogi  for tweeting about this….