Tsinghua China Law Review

We have received the inaugural  issue of Tsinghua China Law Review. Wishing Carlton Willey and the folks at Tsinghua Law School the best of luck with their new journal.

Tsinghua China Law Review http://www.tsinghua.edu.cn/docsn/fxy/tclr/tclr.htm

Table of Contents, Volume 1 Number1, Spring 2009

The Necessity of Codification of China’s Private International Law: A Study from the Perspective of the Historical Development of Chinese Conflicts Law

CHEN Weizuo, Tsinghua Law School

Gathering Momentum for US-China Cooperation on Climate Change

 Steve Wolfson, US Environmental Protection Agency

A Comparative Study of Lawyers’ Ethics in the US and PRC: Attorney-Client Privilege and Duty of Confidentiality  

XI Xu, Baker & McKenzie LLP

A Look at China’s Antidumping Policies and Practices  

R. Shane McNamara, UCLA School of Law

Law and Literature in the Tang Dynasty: Imperial Scholar Bai Juyi and the Concept of Panwen

Norman P. Ho, Harvard University

The Conflict and Harmony on Interpretation of
Hong Kong Basic Law

WANG Xuanwei, Tsinghua Law School

For additional information, see our earlier post on the journal https://legalresearchplus.com/2009/03/03/tsinghua-china-law-review/

Tsinghua China Law Review

Tsinghua Law School, the MIT of China, has a new English language law journal: Tsinghua China Law Review. The first issue is due later this year.

tap tip to Carlton Willey, the editor -in-chief.

From the official announcment:

The Tsinghua China Law Review is a new law journal at the Tsinghua University

School of Law in Beijing, China. The TCLR is an English‐language academic journal

aimed at a global audience, publishing articles on legal topics relating to China. The

TCLR Board of Editors is a collaborative effort between foreign students in the

Tsinghua LLM Program in Chinese Law and Chinese students at the Tsinghua School

of Law. The journal will follow a U.S. law journal format. It will be published biannually

and distributed to subscribers in the U.S., China, and throughout the world.


Call for Submissions

The TCLR is currently seeking high‐quality scholarly articles for its upcoming issue.

Articles should be original works of legal analysis on topics relating to Chinese law

or other legal issues that pertain to China. Citations are required for all points of

law, assertions of fact, or references to other works. Citations should be in footnotes

and formatted in accordance with the Bluebook (http://www.legalbluebook.com).

Articles may be submitted by email, in Word format, to TsinghuaCLR@gmail.com or

in hard copy, along with a CD‐ROM electronic copy, to the Tsinghua School of Law.

Kindly email the preceding address for postal information. The current Call for

Submissions is open until April 3, 2009. Submitted articles will be considered on

a rolling basis.


A Note on the Language of Publication

The main body of articles should be written in English. However, Chinese‐language

legal terminology, citations, or references to laws or other original sources may be

provided in Chinese, and will be translated by the TCLR editorial staff. In addition,

for articles that regularly reference Chinese‐language laws or other materials, the

TCLR editorial staff will translate the materials to English so that they may be

included as appendices to the article for publication.

Website: The TCLR website will be hosted by the Eastlaw service, and is currently under construction.  Once complete, from the site one can view abstracts of published articles, submit articles, subscribe to the journal, and receive information about symposia events, etc.  If you would like to subscribe to our listserv to receive periodic email updates (only critical emails, perhaps one per month), kindly send an email to TsinghuaCLR@gmail.com with the phrase “[Subscribe TCLR listserv]” in the subject line.