Two Forthcoming State-Related Legal Research Titles

Hat tip to Law Librarian Blog today for posting, among other things, notice of two forthcoming (next month) state-related legal research titles from the Carolina Academic Press Legal Research Series:

  • California Legal Research by Hether C. Macfarlane and Suzanne E. Rowe [Forthcoming August 2008]
  • Kansas Legal Research by Joseph A. Custer and Christopher L. Steadham [Forthcoming August 2008]

Carolina Academic Press lists the following additional state-related legal research titles as also forthcoming:

  • Connecticut Legal Research by Jessica G. Hynes [Forthcoming 2008]
  • Louisiana Legal Research by Pamela Lysaght [Forthcoming 2008]
  • New York Legal Research by Elizabeth G. Adelman and Suzanne E. Rowe [Forthcoming 2008]
  • Ohio Legal Research by Katherine L. Hall and Sara A. Sampson [Forthcoming August 2008]