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So Who Does Write Those Expensive Supplements and Updates to Big Name Treatises?

Here’s a story from The Legal Intelligencer, “Law professors seek injunction over ‘sham’ treatise supplement that raises the question:

Law professors seek injunction over ‘sham’ treatise supplement
The Legal Intelligencer

Shannon P. Duffy

April 16, 2009

An ugly dispute has erupted between West Publishing and two law professors who claim they were falsely identified as the authors of an annual supplement to a treatise on Pennsylvania criminal law even though they had nothing to do with writing it.

In a federal lawsuit, professors David Rudovsky of the University of Pennsylvania and Leonard Sosnov of Widener Law School claim that the December 2008 supplement, or “pocket part,” to their book, “Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure — Law, Commentary and Forms,” was so poorly researched that it will harm their reputations if allowed to remain on library shelves.

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