Measure DHS – demographic and health surveys

Measure DHS offers demographic and health indicators by country. Some statistics are freely available, while registration is required to access some of the other data sets. Many of the datasets provide not only national figures, but also regional or state data.  Measure DHS is a useful supplement to the World Health Organization, UNICEF and World Bank statistics Web sites.

The two principle free databases are STATcompiler and  the HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Databases.

Measure DHS

The MEASURE DHS project ( helps implement survey research, dissemination of data and capacity building in the areas of health and population. MEASURE DHS provides technical assistance for the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), the Service Provision Assessment Survey (SPA) and the AIDS Indicator Survey (AIS).

MEASURE DHS is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and is implemented byORC Macro.

UNICEF Information by Country

The UN Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF’) Information by Country portal is a quick way to get access to health, development and demographic statistics for over 150 couintries.  Makes comparisons among countries very easy. Simply selct a country and then click on the statistics link on the left.

Categories of statistics avaialable on the site:

Basic Indicators





Demographic Indicators

Economic Indicators


Child Protection

The Rate of Progress

Under-five mortality rankings