“Open Access Spectrum” (OAS) Guide

The final version of an “Open Access (OA) Spectrum” guide

How Open Is It? Open Access Spectrum — OAS: A Guide to Understanding the Core Components of OA

came out last Friday, October 19, 2012 from SPARC [Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition], PLOS [Public Library of Science] and OASPA [Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association] in preparation for Open Access Week {Monday-Friday, October 22-28, 2012}.

This resource aims to indicate the central components of Open Access (OA) — such as reader rights, reuse rights, copyrights, author posting rights, etc — running from “open access” to “restricted access.”

It is also intended to assist authors decide where to publish based on OA- or non-OA publication policies.

In addition, it provides a resource for funding organizations and others to help establish standards as to appropriate levels of OA.

Hat tip to ResourceShelf.com.