Draft Palestinian Legislation found in Al Jazeera’s Leaked Documents

I have located two draft pieces of Palestinian legislation in  Al Jazeera’s Palestinian Papers Web site.  There may be others, but I have not found an efficient way to search the corpus of documents. Al Jazeera has not named their source, so authenticity cannot be verified.


1. Draft of Palestinian Police Law (2005)

Text is in Arabic.


Summary from Al Jazeera

This is a draft regarding guidelines that govern the Palestinian police which was sent from office of Mahmoud Abbas to the head of the security committee.

2. Draft of National Intelligence Law (2005)


Summary from Al Jazeera:

Draft law regulating the General Intelligence body; the document is addressed to the head of the security and internal affairs committees, and the head of the legal committee, asking them to get the draft ready as soon as possible and put it to the legislative council.

Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies

New journal from the Hebrew University Faculty of Law: Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies

Volume 1 is available online full-text:


Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies is a law journal dedicated to in-depth discussions of important studies of and in law. Each issue consists of two symposia on a book or a research-project, which entail critical comments by commentators and a response by the person whose research project it is.

Additional information about the journal available on the Legal Theory Blog:


Israel Law Resource Center

The Israel Law Resource Center posts English translations of dozens of Israeli laws and defence regulations. The site is dedicated to security and human rights issues in Israel and the Palestinian territories. It also provides lists of Israel court opinions and the full-text of historical documents related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Law Resource Center


click on “Web site Map” to access the legislation and regualtions.