Index Database to Japanese Laws, Regulations and Bills

From one of the latest issues of the National Diet Library Newsletter (No. 173, June 2010)

In May 2010, the Index Database to Japanese Laws, Regulations and Bills (Japanese only) was renewed.

Along with the Index Database to Laws and Regulations in early Meiji Japan (Japanese only), this database makes searchable information on Japanese laws from the formation of modern nation to the present.

  • Improvements are as follows:
  • ■Texts of the laws and regulations provided by national institutions via the Internet are linked and referable from index information.
  • ■Information on the bills introduced in the Imperial Diet (1890 to 1947) is added.
  • ■Other improvements
  • URL of the index information is fixed, which enables the users to bookmark a specific law or regulation.
  • Link to the Index Database to Laws and Regulations in early Meiji Japan is established.

Index Database to Japanese Laws, Regulations and Bills (Japanese language only)

  • Popular names of laws and regulations and classification of active laws are shown in the search results.
  • Japanese Law Translation

    Hap tip to Ben Jones for pointing out that these are unofficial translations.

    Japan’s Ministry of Justice has a new Website that offers unofficial English translations of thousands of Japanese statutes and regulations. The site provides bilingual versions of the laws and regulations. It also includes lexicographic notes explaining the translation of difficult terms. Here is an example of Article 1 of the Copyright Act of 1970:




    Article 1 The purpose of this Act is to provide for, and to secure protection of, the rights of authors, etc. and the rights neighboring thereto with respect [copyrightable] works as well as performances, phonograms, broadcasts and wire-broadcasts, while giving due regard to the fair exploitation of these cultural products, and by doing so, to contribute to the development of culture

    The site’s bilingual dictionary is a wonderful resource that not only provides translations, but also links to statutes and regulations that use a specific term or phrase.

    Japanese Law Translation