US National Archives Materials Found in UK Archives

Law Librarian Blog today features an interesting post about items missing from the U.S. National Archives, likely through employee theft.

See Missing Items from US Archive, Found Item in UK Archive.

See also the National Archives webpage Missing Historical Documents and Items.

And see the U.K. National Archives news item Lost Page of American History Found at The National Archives about a rare print of America’s Declaration of Independence (dated 4 July 1776), named after printer John Dunlap (1747-1812) — one of only 26 known copies in the world — recently found among files at the British Archives at Kew.

Nice to have some redundancy, even if all the way across the Pond!

Meet Our “Founding Printers”

Do the names John Dunlap or Mary Katherine Goddard mean anything to you?  If not, you might want to read a Forum article in today’s USA Today by Antonio Perez, “History shouldn’t forget our ‘Founding Printers’.”

Like [John] Dunlap, Goddard was no ordinary citizen. Despite putting her life on the line to print the document, despite being a trailblazing publisher and commercial printer, despite serving as Baltimore’s postmaster for 14 years, she was forced out of office in 1789 by U.S. Postmaster General Samuel Osgood.