The State of Sentencing 2010: Developments in Policy and Practice

A February 2011 report of The Sentencing Project — “a national organization [founded in 1986] working for a fair and effective criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing law and practice, and alternatives to incarceration” — titled ” The State of Sentencing 2010: Developments in Policy and Practice,” by Nicole D. Porter, is available here.

The first paragraph of the report states soberingly (and staggeringly):

Today, 7.2 million men and women are under correctional supervision. Of this total, five million are monitored in the community on probation or parole and 2.3 million are incarcerated in prisons or jails. As a result, the nation [i.e., the United States] maintains the highest rate of incarceration in the world at 743 per 100,000 population.

Areas of focus include:

A number of policy recommendations are also included.

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