Azerbaijani Legal Portal – is a new Web portal for Azerbaijani lawyers. Many of the documents are in the vernacular, but navigation is in English. Contents of the site include Azerbaijan legal news, legal research texts, and new legal texts.  Links are also available to Azerbaijani law schools, law firms, government ministries, NGOs and subscription based legal databases.  

Dejure Portal for Lawyers

Fee Fie Foe Firm: law firm search engine

Many thanks to our colleagues in Australia and Malaysia for pointing out Fee Fie Foe Firm, a specialized search engine that indexes law firm Web sites. Separate search engines exist for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the U.S. The search engines include law firm attorney profiles as well as law firm publications.  

Fee Fie Foe Firm Australia

Fee Fie Foe Firm UK

Fee Fie Foe Firm US

Fee Fie Foe Firm NZ
Fee Fie Foe Firm Canada

International Comparative Legal Guide series from the Global Legal Group

The Global Legal Group provides free acess to their International Comparative Legal Guides. Each guide provides general, regional and country chapters written by law firm partners and associates.  The chapters are short, but informative, practice oriented and generally up to date.  Topics include: class actions, environment law, gas regulation, merger control, product liability and corporate tax. There are 20 topics currently avialable.  This is a site I will be visiting often.

International Comparative Legal Guides Series