New book on International Humanitarian Law

Jakob Kellenberger, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has published a new book on the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law.

Humanitären Völkerrechts (International Humanitarian Law)

Jakob Kellenberger

Frauenfled: Huber, 2010



Conference on International Humanitarian Law

40th Anniversary of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law

Round Table on “Global Violence: Consequences and Responses”

San Remo, Italy

September 9-11, 2010

Conference Sessions:

I. Contemporary Forms of Armed Violence: International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law at a Crossroad.

II. Deprivation of Liberty in Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence.

III. Individual Guarantees in Detention.

Panelists include international judges, military officers, UN officials, ICRC officials, academics, NGO representatives, and government ministers.