Public Access to Congressional Research Service Reports Being Sought

The New York Times reports — in a May 4, 2009 article by Stephanie StromGroup Seeks Public Access to Congressional Research” — that the Washington, DC nonprofit Center for Democracy and Technology is leading a fight to gain consistent public access to Congressional Research Service (a division of the Library of Congress) reports and memoranda.

Times Machine

From an e-mail I received today from The New York Times:


As a home delivery subscriber you receive free access to Times Machine, our online archive of The Times from 1851 to 1922 — reproduced exactly as it originally appeared.

With Times Machine, see history come back to life:
        Just choose a date and see every headline, article and photo
        Flip electronically through page after page of history as it was happening
        Read about the Civil War or the sinking of the Titanic, or look through the first 70 years of advertising in The Times

Times Machine is only available for home delivery subscribers. . . .

Yes He Scan

Carl Malamud’s quest for the printing post made the New York Times.  In the Lede blog, Robert Mackey writes about the Yes We Scan campaign and mentions the great support Malamud has gotten on Twitter and in the blogosphere.  The Lede carries a great quote from Larry Lessig’s blog post on Malamud:

I can’t imagine a more exciting appointment. Sometimes an agency needs STASIS. Sometimes it needs CHANGE. Gov’t tech is certainly in the second category, and no one I know of could more effectively deliver on the commitment to open government than he.

Now, off to join the YesWeScan Facebook group…..

New York Times — Article Skimmer

This from ReadWriteWeb:

“The New York Times just released an interesting new online product that tries to recreate the experience of spreading out the newspaper on Sunday morning. The new ‘article skimmer‘ gets back to the basics with a streamlined interface that lets you quickly scan the top headlines in every section of the Times. Basically, this is an experimental new interface for reading the Times online, though the links to the actual articles still take you to the standard NYT pages.”

Free Textbook Movement Gains Steam

Over the weekend, the New York Times published an article about the movement to make electronic versions of college textbooks free for students.

Read, “Don’t Buy That Textbook, Download it Free,” here.