Governance and Social Development Resource Centre Document Library

The Governance and Social Development Resource Centre has put together a nice document library of citations and summaries of book chapters, reports, and journal articles arranged by keyword and by country. Links are provided to documents that are freely available on the Web. This site will help make up for the recent demise of the Intute portal.

From the Web site’s description:

“The document library is an up to date collection of the most credible publications available on governance, conflict and social development issues. It includes brief, policy-oriented summaries of each document highlighting the major findings and implications in an easy to read format, plus links to the full text online or by document delivery.

We monitor a wide range of publication sources weekly, including donors, NGOs and research institutes. Materials are carefully selected by our researchers to ensure that they are relevant to our topic area, demonstrate good practice or significant insight and represent a range of perspectives. Only the most credible and policy-relevant research, toolkits, analyses and case studies are included.”

Governance and Social Development Resource Centre Document Library

Francophone African Legal Links

The following article offers dozens of links to online legislation and case law from francophone African countries, as well as a discussion of the state of free online legal resources in Africa.

Text is in French.

Les Expériences Africaines de la Diffusion Libre du Droit Sur Le Web: bilan et perspective

Revue Juridique et Politique 2009 #3. pp.638-652.

Amavi Tagodoe and El Hadji Malick Ndiaye

Researching Chilean Law

Julienne Grant, FCIL librarian at Loyola University Chicago, has created a wonderful research guide to Chilean Law, in Libguide format. The guide concentrates on English language sources, but also includes many important Spanish language resources. The guide includes books, journals, databases, Web links, and translation resources.

Many thanks to Julienne for building this excellent useful tool.

Researching Chilean Law

Slovak Legal Database EPI

Economic and Legal Information(EPI) is a fee-based database of Slovak legal resources; however, some information is available free of charge.  It provides legislation, commentaries on statutes and codes, current awareness for Slovak and EU case law, model contracts, and financial news.   All information appears is Slovak -no translations.

Ekonomické a Právne Informácie (Economic & Legal Information)

Quick-Start Guide to International Legal Research

The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) monthly publication AALL Spectrum has an excellent “quick-start” guide to international legal research — including a convenient list of online and hard-copy resources in this month’s issue (vol. 13, no. 13, Dec. 2008):

The Wide World of Laws: A Quick-Start Guide to International Legal Research

by Christopher C. Dykes, Reference/Research Librarian
University of Houston Law Center John O’Quinn Law Library