US Courts & RECAP – the Latest News

Paul Alan Levy on the Consumer Law and Policy blog writes:

“I got a call this afternoon from Michel Ishakian, the Deputy Chief for IT Policy and Budget at the Administrative Office of the United States courts.  She assured me that they have no problem with counsel using RECAP (discussed here) and that the language sent out by the Northern District of Georgia (see my update to my previous post) is the only language that she disseminated for publication.  She also indicated that she has been in touch with Ed Felten (under whose auspices RECAP was developed) and that, so far as she can tell, he and she are on the same page.

To the extent that messages from some districts sounded more severe, it was simply a matter of reminding all of our ECF filers to be careful about computer security and was not intended to discourage use of RECAP.”

I wonder if there will be a new series of e-mails from the courts to this effect….