Ms. Wayne Goes to Washington

The library’s Erika Wayne is in Washington right now.

Erika is attending the Gov 2.0 Summit, “The Platform for Change,” where our friend and hero Carl Malamud will be presenting his paper “By the People…”

Erika is also hand-delivering our Improve PACER petition to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts!

Erika Wayne is being  joined by Terry Martin from Texas/Harvard and Kumar Jayasuriya from Georgetown in making the presentation to Michel Ishakian at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. 

In addition, Erika has meetings with Ric Davis and Mike Wash from the GPO and with staff members from the Judiciary Committee, Appropriations Committee, and from Senator Lieberman’s office to discuss the petition.

And Erika starts her day on Friday with a visit to the West Wing and breakfast at the White House mess as a special guest of one of the president’s special assistants!

Next week Erika will have an op-ed in the National Law Journal about PACER, “What Public Access?.”

The most effective way to teach law students how to conduct legal research is to provide hands-on training, but one of the most important tools, PACER, is off limits.