Internet for Everyone

Two of our law professors, Barbara van Schewick and Larry Lessig, among others, are driving a new campaign to ensure universal high-speed Internet service.  Today’s San Jose Mercury News has a story by Frank Davies about the campaign, “Broad coalition backs universal broadband.” From the story:

Better broadband access and quality can be a boring and technical issue, fraught with bureaucratic complications, admitted the organizers for But they also see it as crucial to the future of the U.S. economy, education and even the health of democracy.

At a news conference in New York, the group warned that the United States is falling behind European and Asian nations with Internet access that is more limited, more expensive and slower. . . .


Zipcar founder Robin Chase, also a member of the coalition, is quoted as comparing high-speed to a utility:  “Maybe it’s not as basic as water, but it’s as basic as hot water.”

The campaign is also the subject of an item in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s The Wired Campus today, “Higher Education Groups Become Part of Broad Internet Coalition.”