Roman Legal Tradition Journal

Roman Legal Tradition

From the journal description:

Roman Legal Tradition is a peer-reviewed journal published online by the Ames Foundation and the University of Glasgow School of Law. ISSN 1943-6483.

The journal aims to promote the study of the civilian tradition in English. The editors welcome contributions on any aspect of the civilian tradition in ancient, medieval, and modern law.

All articles and reviews published in Roman Legal Tradition are available from this site free of charge. In addition, all articles and reviews are also available to subscribers of HeinOnline. We encourage readers to use and distribute these materials as they see fit, but ask readers not to make any commercial use of these materials without seeking the consent of the editors and relevant authors.


Roman Law at the University of Buenos Aires

Researchers of Latin American law often encounter references to Roman law in doctrinal works and secondary resources. The University of Buenos Aires School of Law  maintains a Web page dedicated to Roman Law. The site contains articles on various topics, conference papers, links, and an in-depth introduction to legal Latin. All content is in Spanish.

Cátedra de derecho romano del Dr. Norberto Darío RinaldiUniversidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de derecho

Click on “Romanistas” to access to majority of the content:

Online Italian language legal dictionaries

Edizione Giuridiche Simone has made available a collection of Italian language dictionaries free of charge. The Law Dictionary (Dizionario giuridico) includes annotations  to legislation. Other dictionaries  inclide canonical law, political philosophy and the Historical Dictionary of Italian and European Law (Dizionario storico del dritto italiano ed europeo).  These dictionaries are searchbale free of charge, but all content is in Italian. Grazie mille ai nostri amici dell’ EGS.

Edizione Giuridiche Simone online dictionaries