Islamic Law Index Database

The law librarians at the International Islamic University Malaysia have created a nice index of journal articles and book chapters related to Islamic Law. Sadly, no full-text is available. The database includes materials from U.S., European, and Asian publishers. The bibliographic records provide subject headings, and abstracts when available. The majority of records are in Malay or English. Searching is available in English.

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Islamic Law Index Database (select Islamic Law on the right side of the screen)

Vietnam Digest of Case Law

Vietnam Digest of Case Law is a current awareness servivce for Vietnamese statutes, cases, and government publications. Web site contents are only in Vietnamese.

Asian AIDS Law Database

Asia Catalyst has launched the Asian AIDS Law Database

From the description and press release

This database presents and links to English-language information about HIV/AIDS-related statutes from countries in Asia. Chinese-language information is provided where available. The database is a

free, user-friendly resource, searchable in Chinese and English, to help researchers to find HIV/AIDS-related statutes throughout Asia. It is the first database exclusively dedicated to this purpose. The database has over 100 records, ranging from Cambodia’s draft law on drug control to the national policy on HIV/AIDS of Bangladesh. 

Asia Catalyst is a US-based resource for grassroots organizations working on HIV/AIDS in Asia.

hat tip : Professor Donald Clarke

ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights

On October 23rd, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) officially inaugurated the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights. The Terms of Reference that are the by-laws for the commission can be found at:

Excerpts from the Terms of Reference:


1.4 To promote human rights within the regional context, bearing in

mind national and regional particularities and mutual respect for

different historical, cultural and religious backgrounds, and taking

into account the balance between rights and responsibilities;


4.2. To develop an ASEAN Human Rights Declaration with a view to

establishing a framework for human rights cooperation through

various ASEAN conventions and other instruments dealing with

human rights;


6.8 The AICHR is the overarching human rights institution in ASEAN

with overall responsibility for the promotion and protection of

human rights in ASEAN.

Additional information available at 


Book on Forest Management in Indonesia

International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia (Down to Earth) has published an online book on indigenous forest managment in Indonesia. Edited by Liz Chidley, Yuyun Indradi, and Emilianus Ola Klenden.

Forests for the Future: Indigenous Forest Management in a Changing World

Table of Contents

The Ciptagelar Indigenous Community, West Java
Developing a bargaining position over customary forest
Ki Ugis Suganda 
The Guguk Indigenous Community, Jambi
Protecting customary forests with local regulations
Datuk H. Abubakar 
The Kiyu Dayak Indigenous Community, Meratus, South Kalimantan
Strengthening alliances to campaign for forest protection
Andy Syahruji (team leader), Balai Kiyu 
The Sembalun Indigenous Community, Lombok
Building consensus to save adat forest on Mount Selong
Abdulrahman Sembahulun and Y. L. Franky 
The Indigenous Ngata Toro Community, Central Sulawesi
Reforming Adat to promote environmental, economic and cultural sustainability
Rizal Mahfud and Rukmini Paata Toheke 
Tana Ai Indigenous Communities, East Flores
Maintaining traditional culture as a way of protecting the environment
Murray Muhammad H. Basyir 
Indonesian Overview
Indigenous Peoples’ Writing on Forest Management: A Counter Discourse?
Suraya Afiff 
International Overview
Indigenous Natural Resource Management Systems at the Crossroads
Chip Fay 
Communities in Transformation
Emil Kleden

Overview of the Singapore Legal System

The Singapore Academy of Law maintains an online guide to the legal system of Singapore. The guide, composed of 27 chapters,  is focused on commercial law, covering subject such as economic torts, insurance law, intellectual property, and competition (anti-trust) law.  Different authors are responsible for individual chapters. Frequency of updates is not uniform for all chapters. The Guide is available in English, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Overview of the Singapore Legal System

Cambodian Legislation in English

The Center for Social Development in Phnom Phen has posted unofficial English translations of a few Cambodian statutes, including the constitution. Examples include land law, lawyer status law, criminal procedure law, and  law on  press regime.

Center for Social Development – National Legal  Instruments



AsiaLinks from the National Diet Library of Japan

Many thanks to the Librarians at the National Diet Library of Japan for maintaining the AsiaLinks site. Arranged by country, AsiaLinks offers limks to administrative, legislative and judicial sites. In addition to legal categories, AsiaLInk also includes links to libraries, research institutes, political parties, country search engines and periodicals. All country categories appear in Japanese and English.


Reports on Asian Legal Markets from ALB Legal News

ALB Legal News magazine has generously posted free reports on the legal market in individual Asian countries. The reports cover the outlook for the legal profession in each country, as well as specific legal sectors. In 2008, they have published reports on China, Singapore, Korea, India, Vietnam and the Philippnes.

ALB Legal News Reports

Brunei Legislation in English

Thanks to our colleagues in Southeast Asia, we have a new URL for the database of Brunei legislation in English from the Attorney General’s Chambers of Brunei. The new site includes full-text of selected laws and regulations, alphabetical tables of acts, and a subject index.  From the home page of the Attorney General’s Chambers of Brunei, click on Publications.

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