New book: How to be a Law Professor Guide: From Getting that First Job to Retirement

An new book from Vandeplas Publishing offering lifelong advice for someone interested in becoming a law professor. Might also be useful for library science students without JDs thinking of careers in academic law librarianship.

How to be a Law Professor Guide: From Getting that First Job to Retirement

Ronald W. Eades

Vandeplas Publishing



Description from the publisher:

The “How to be a Law Professor Guide” is intended to provide an overview of the law teaching profession. Many lawyers think about going into law teaching, but do not know how to get that first job. This book will offer advice on finding that first position. In addition, getting that first job is only the beginning. Getting through the early years and earning “tenure” is harder than it looks. There is much needed useful information on gaining that job security of tenure. Once tenure is obtained, however, the job of law teaching does not stop. Law teaching is a rewarding, lifelong career. This book offers suggestions on how to continue enjoying that career. As with all good things, they must come to a close. The book offers some tips on moving into retirement. A prospective member of the law teaching profession should read this book before getting started. A new law teacher should read the book several times during those pre-tenure years. A tenured law professor may want to read the book to keep the career exciting.