International Trade and Health A Reference Guide

International Trade and Health A Reference Guide

World Health Organization, 2009

Includes a nice glossary of international trade terms.

From the introduction:

SPS, TRIPS, trade-distorting subsidies, Doha Paragraph Six …  The language of trade and health is specialized and may seem obscure. But though the language may be daunting, international trade agreements now being negotiated affect all of us, and health professionals in particular need to master the terminology if they are to participate in the national debate on trade and health. This reference guide consists of a basic dictionary of selected terms and several briefing notes that elaborate some of the issues.

As well as the dictionary and briefing notes developed by WHO headquarters or regional offices, this reference guide also includes selected resolutions bearing on public health, intellectual property and/or international trade. These materials, many already published in other forms, are brought together for the first time in one place.

The guide is intended as a starting point for those interested in but not familiar with the trade and health area. Further reading sections are included at the end of most briefing notes.

WTO-UNEP report on Trade and Climate Change

The World Trade Organization and the UN Environment Programme released their 194 page report on international trade and climate change.

WTO-UNEP Report: Trade and Climate Change

Additional information at:

From the report’s’ executive summary:

This Report provides an overview of the key linkages

between trade and climate change based on a review

of available literature and a survey of relevant national

policies. It begins with a summary of the current state

of scientific knowledge on existing and projected

climate change; on the impacts associated with climate

change; and on the available options for responding,

through mitigation and adaptation, to the challenges

posed by climate change (Part I).


The scientific review is followed by an analysis on the

economic aspects of the link between trade and climate

change (Part II), and these two parts set the context for

the subsequent discussion in the Report, which reviews

in greater detail trade and climate change policies at

both the international and national level.


Part III on international policy responses to climate

change describes multilateral efforts at reducing

greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to the

risks posed by climate change, and also discusses the

role of the current trade and environment negotiations

in promoting trade in climate mitigation technologies.


The final part of the Report gives an overview of a

range of national policies and measures that have been

used in a number of countries to reduce greenhouse gas

emissions and to increase energy efficiency (Part IV). It

presents key features in the design and implementation

of these policies, in order to draw a clearer picture of their

overall effect and potential impact on environmental

protection, sustainable development and trade. It also

gives, where appropriate, an overview of the WTO

rules that may be relevant to such measures.

South Centre Downloads Library

South Centre is a Swiss based IGO think tank that focuses on trade, development, and sustainability from the point of view of developing countries. Thay make their books and reports available online for free. Click on Publications and then “Downloads Libray.” Over 300 reports in English and 150 in Spanish and French are available.  

South Centre

WTO’s new Regional Trade Agreements Information System

The World Trade Organization has released a new database of bilateral and regional trade agreements. The site provides full-text for most of the agreements , as well as the legal authority for the agreements under the GATT articles.  The database is researchable by country, date or topic. Many thanks to the WTO for offering this useful treaty research tool. 

WTO Regional Trade Agreements Information System (RTA-IS)