U.S. Courts Expand Access to Judicial Opinions

Third Branch News of the United States Courts has today posted the following:

Access to Court Opinions Expands


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U.S. Courts’ eJuror System Gives Prospective Jurors an Online Option to Respond Online

The United States Courts’ national eJuror system now permits prospective jurors to respond online to jury questionnaires or summons they receive.

See: eJuror System Gives Prospective Jurors an Online Option.

Prospective jurors may also update personal information online.

Plus, should they be selected for jury service, they can:

  • check when they need to report;
  • submit a request for an excuse or deferral; and
  • elect an alternative time to serve.

Reportedly, at this time, some 80 of the 94 U.S. district courts have the necessary eJuror software installed, and more than half of those courts are already live on eJuror.

See: a video about eJuror.

See also: U.S. Courts’ links and information on jury service and jury resources.