China Green from Asia Society

China Green, from the Asia Society, provides videos, photographs and graphics on climate change, energy policy, sustainability, and environmental conditions in China.

From the Web site’s description page: 

China Green, a multimedia enterprise, will document China’s environmental issues now and for years to come and will strive to serve as a web forum where people with an interest in China and its environmental challenges can find interesting visual stories and share critical information about the most populous nation in the world whose participation in the solution to global environmental problems, such as climate change, will be indispensable.

China Green

Comparative Constitutional Analysis Web site:

Dr. Arne Mavčič of Slovenia maintains an interesting site,, devoted to visually representing comparative constitutional analysis. Maps, charts and tables illustrate which countries follow different models of constitutional adjudication, such as American style judicial review  or German style constitutional courts. The site also includes PowerPoint presentations and links related to comparative constitutional review. This site should be useful to those compiling surveys of constitutional rights and controversies across many countries.