The Value and Benefits of Digitized Resources

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) — a joint organization set up by the Higher Education Funding bodies of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to fund information technology investment in United Kingdom (UK) universities — has put out an interesting 12-page brochure designed to laud the benefits of digitization to research, scholarship, and the broader cultural heritage at large:

Inspiring Research, Inspiring Scholarship: The Value and Benefits of Digitised Resources for Learning, Teaching, Research and Enjoyment

Hat tip to Roy Tennant’s Current Cites (October 2010).

Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History

Bibliography on British and Irish Legal History

complied by Jacqueline Woolham

40 Cambrian Law Review 107 (2009)

“This bibliography is confined to items of more than a few pages in length relating to British and Irish legal history which hav ebeen published in the last few years.”