Read the Bill & More

Lots of fresh air today: 

-Noon-time twitter ‘rally’ for the Yes We Scan campaign (#yeswescan) for Carl Malamud

-Just in from the Sunlight Foundation:

In our Read the Billcampaign we are advocating that all bills be placed online for 72 hours prior to consideration. Specifically, the Read the Billcampaign asks that bills be accessible, in text format, online and posted to a commonly visited web site, GPO or THOMAS.

And, midnight tonight (ET):

“Wired is officially launching “ Is Coming — Let’s Help Build It,”a wiki designed to find and identify important and valuable data sets held by the federal government, and to make them available and usable. ” [snippet from the  Sunlight Foundation]

Yes He Scan

Carl Malamud’s quest for the printing post made the New York Times.  In the Lede blog, Robert Mackey writes about the Yes We Scan campaign and mentions the great support Malamud has gotten on Twitter and in the blogosphere.  The Lede carries a great quote from Larry Lessig’s blog post on Malamud:

I can’t imagine a more exciting appointment. Sometimes an agency needs STASIS. Sometimes it needs CHANGE. Gov’t tech is certainly in the second category, and no one I know of could more effectively deliver on the commitment to open government than he.

Now, off to join the YesWeScan Facebook group…..

Oh say Scan we See

More on the YES WE SCAN campaign of Carl Malamud:

Carl Malamud has just tweeted about  his Scribd collection of online materials (articles, materials, and much more), as well as a link to his 8 books via google.  There was also a tweet about his timeline of published materials, too.

But most importantly, he provides a link for downloading that cool poster!

Wired: Rogue Archivist Campaigns to Be Obama’s Printer

New article in Wired  by Ryan Singel about the “Yes We Scan” campaign.

Singel writes:

“But now, Malamud is campaigning to be The Man.

Or, more accurately, the chief printer for The Man.”

“Given Malamud’s ability to wear down government bureaucracies, the Obama administration might do well to save themselves the trouble. Malamud will be the nation’s public printer — it’s just a question of whether he’ll be rogue or legit.”