Twitter Rally Transcript – #YesWeScan

Transcript (transtwit?) of today’s Twitter rally for YesWeScan Campaign of Carl Malamud:

[tap tap] Is this thing on? We’ll be starting in 10 minutes. Nice crowd! Please make yourself comfortable. Thanks for coming!

Welcome to RALLY FOR THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! or #YesWeScan to follow. Rally will be my 13 tweets + whatever you add.

For soundtrack, we recommend this patriotic medley by U.S. Military Bands. Enjoy! via  #YesWeScan.

[ahem] My fellow netizens. Thank you for tweeting with me today. #YesWeScan is a vision and a plan for how GPO and .gov talk to the world.

Platform has emphasized jobs, librarians, and security of all Americans. Nation’s publisher since 1861 must be ready for future. #YesWeScan

We should embrace new role for GPO, a center to public domain based on principles of open data/open source as key role for .gov. #YesWeScan

A strong and vibrant publisher for 3 branches of government will maintain jobs, refocus GPO to publish across all media. #YesWeScan

Am announcing today concluding front porch portion of campaign at end of week, will journey to Washington, DC, nation’s capitol. #YesWeScan

Will engage in dialogue with all 3 branches of .gov. Video from congress, PACER from courts, offer to donate data to executive. #YesWeScan

1,000+ of you have sent Acks-of-Approval, Tweets-of-Endorsement. Am very grateful. Will channel Gus, create nomination book. #YesWeScan

I wish to ask you now to join with me and send message to Washington. Will harvest your tweets, forward them to the White House. #YesWeScan

#YesWeScan I ask you: Can we work together to make America’s Operating System open source, so that law is accessible for all? Can We Scan??

#YesWeScan! Can we have a .gov that listens as well as it talks? A government that uses the Internet instead of fearing it? Can We Scan!?

#YesWeScan! Can we all work together to reclaim the public domain? Can We Scan!?

#YesWeScan! #YesWeScan!

#YesWeScan! Thank you for your support, I hope we can continue this dialogue from DC. Thanks so much for coming! Feel free to hang around.

[takes off suit and tie, puts on leather apron, starts working on nomination book. wow. that was cool!! thanks folks!]

You folks are great … thanks so much for your support! #YesWeScan!